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7 steps to success

It’s all about the process and technique used that gets us to the finish line and able to do it better the next time around.
–Danii Oliver

When a new request comes in, creative technologists need to follow a process that will yield the best results, in the shortest amount of time and be able to replicate that process for reuse and or to pass on to a successor. This process takes a bit of time but is significantly less time than it would take to rush into a marsh pit with no plan of action on getting out without sinking.

All departments have a process. All have a strategy. Technology for some reason in print-minded agencies is overlooked as not requiring the same process to make a living breathing concept to life.

Step 1
What is the thing?
What is the time frame?
Clearly defined with technologist’s input on what is possible and within what time frame. UX and Design have to work with Technology to make decisions. Ideas can not be dictated without knowing if there is support for the ask.

Step 2
Proof of Concept Build & Submission. Wireframes move to “Coded Models” Functionality is fleshed out without design skin added.
Design needs to fit on top of a sturdy framework. Knowing what is possible and understanding how layouts flow, how platforms change and what can be supported in the given time frame.

Step 3
Module Creation & Creative Design

Step 4
Design Skinning and Front End Development coding/styling

Step 5
Dev Testing and Validation
Clean code is a requirement to avoid unnecessary Bugs, QA rejections, broken features and functional discrepancies.

Step 6
Revisions. Time allotment for revisions of found errors (we’re all human), QA flags, Client review, and departmental input.

Step 7
QA sign off. All steps being followed the QA review, testing and sign-off of features, should not need to be to be long drawn out with bugs so long as QA is consulted at each step in a micro-iteration of these steps.

This process then needs to be tracked.
From request to approval to production and feedback. When undocumented or new requests come in, they must follow this process for approval and sign-off by all parties before development begins.

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