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Danii Oliver
Brooklyn, New York 11201


To whom it may concern,

I would like to introduce myself to you in a manner very common to all and less ambiguous than my CV.

“Let me first say that I am a designer who loves to code and I am a developer with design training.
As well, I am a digital native. I am these all at the same time.”

Please do not let this be cause for confusion. Let me explain.
My unique capabilities, skills, tech knowledge, software familiarities, digital, mobile and social media understanding come together in even more unique ways.
For instance based on client needs I can bring my skills and experience together to fill various roles.

Art Director, Graphic Designer, Motion Designer,Web Designer
Interactive Designer, Interactive Production Designer, Interactive Producer, Multimedia Designer
Flash/Flex Developer, Interactive Developer
Front End Web Developer, Back End Web Developer
UX / UI Design Developer
Social Media Strategist

I am proficient in the following:

Adobe Master Suite which includes Flash, Flex, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Media Encoder, Dreamweaver, InDesign & Acrobat.
Axure, ProtoShare, Microsoft Visio, Sencha, PhoneGap, Eclipse & more.

CSS 3, HTML 5, ActionScript 3, Javascript,  jQuery, XML, PHP, MXML, MySQL

GreenSock, Caurina, Robot Legs, Gaia

HTML5 Video, AIR, OSMF Adaptv, Live Rail, SVN, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Drupal, SiteCore & Sharepoint

All together I am an interactive designer/developer. I have made interactive experiences created for display, touchscreen or gesture interfaces with flash, ActionScript 3.0, the web & multimedia. I maintain the ability to storyboard interactive elements and to produce highly engaging work from storyboards & prototypes. I design layouts, edit videos and program online media & advertising platforms.

In my free time I explore, test and blog about developing the world of mobile apps, multi-touch interfaces, 3D projection mapping, interactive walls, kiosks, the kinect and 3D and holographic interfaces.

Should these skills sets be of interest to your company please see attached resume or visit

Thanks greatly for your time.

Danii Oliver, Digital Native
Interactive New Media Designer/Developer

Danii Oliver

Interactive Web & Application Producer

68 Jay Street, Suite 210, Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY 11201  ♦  Tel: 347-560-1961  ♦

Six years Flash Design.
Four years ActionScript 3.0 design and programming experience Flash and Flex IDE with MXML.
Six years HTML5/CSS3 and 14 Years Photoshop experience.
Strong background in Commercial Arts with six years of web and print design.
Experience with rich-client interfaces and Rich internet application UX.
Ability to synthesize complex requirements, generate design concepts by providing wireframes, storyboards and carry these through to completion.
Ability to develop and communicate User Experience design guidelines, templates and standards.
Proven experience defining, developing and documenting UX design and interaction requirements/specifications.
Experience creating low & high fidelity interactive prototypes using Flash Catalyst, Illustrator, Photoshop & Acrobat, Visio & Axure.
Strong understanding of Social Media, maintaining a full Social Networking presence on social sites and blogs.
Focused path on Mobile, Tablet, Touchscreen, Multi-touch surfaces, 3D Projection Mapping, AR & Kiosks.s


ActionScript 3.0
Phone Gap
Final Cut Pro
Flash/ Flex
After Effects – Motion Graphics
Microsoft Visio
Adobe Master Suite CS 5
Flash Catalyst
iPhone SDK
MAC OS X & Windows PC
Android SDK
jQuery – jTouch – jTools
Caurina API
Gaia Framework
Greensock API
Microsoft Visio
Google Docs
Subversion SVN


Interactive Producer, Creative Technologist
2005 – Present (Agency and Corporate Contractor)
Developed Flash Actionscript 3 animated applications and websites for tablet and touchscreen applications for conventions and sales promotions
Generated Client Project Specific Schedules
Managed communication between client and design team, translating the client’s needs to design team
Tracked creative production progress to keep inline with production schedule
Performed electronic/print routing of assets and site copy for proofing and quality assurance
High attention to detail and final pass QA/QC
Developed & deployed mobile website CSS
Develop desktop AIR and AIR for android applications
Created brochures, business cards and multi-media branding communications.
Web Management CMS using WordPress, have an understanding of Sitecore, Drupal and Joomla.
Designed and Developed Flash quiz and games with ActionScript 3, XML, PHP and CSS
Edited videos content with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier Pro working with audio technicians to master video and audio sync
Deployed video to web, encoding & implementing via HTML5 video embed & custom Flash video player.
Created motion graphics and kinetic text using Flash & After Effects
Experience with rich-client interfaces and Rich internet application UX
Ability to synthesize complex requirements, generate design concepts by providing wireframes, storyboards, and carry these through to completion
Ability to develop and communicate User Experience design guidelines, templates, and standards
Proven experience defining, developing, and documenting UX design and interaction requirements/specifications
Designed & developed dynamic HTML, CSS, Flash, jQuery & XML powered website layout prototypes & final product with strong attention to User Experience standards
Developed and designed corporate identity for recognizable long-term branding and market place appeal
Organized public relations events, social media campaigns, photo and video shoots
Maintained company proposals, operations reports and financial reports for annual review

Clients have included:

The New York Times
Development Consultant, Lead Developer
Proof of concept developer for landing site to attract a younger generation to the multimedia stories produced by The New York Times.
Developed new dynamically driven New York Times Film Club site. Providing better access to film club news on upcoming screenings.
Launched a redesign campaign to mobile optimize existing landing pages to better attract mobile users to The New York Times mobile apps, features and improved mobile content.
Animated and designed advertising client banners for internal and external sites. Serving Flash based and HTML 5 animated and interactive ads.
Assist digital team in developmental needs, mobile UI understanding.
Conduct cross-browser testing, debugging and linting as well as cross platform testing for smartphone and tablet devices.

Kitara Media
Actionscript Interactive Developer
Actionscript advisor in the development of in house games and advertising integration
Developed a smart integrated Flash module loading application built utilizing Actionscript 3.0 OOP and JavaScript to integrate pre-roll, post-roll, overlay and bug video advertisement clients with Actionscript 2 and Actionscript 3 games and other dynamic and interactive content such as videos and surveys
Translated Actionscript 2 games to Actionscript 3
Assisted creative team with preparations for the development and launch of a brand new game to be integrated in the Facebook API and monetized with virtual currency through a third party and with Facebook’s virtual currency.
Participated in weekly scrum meetings leading to the launch of new products.

Harrison & Starr
Flash Producer
Supported agency’s need to meet deadlines for medical convention by assisting with editing application XML, Flash kiosk content, Illustrator designed graphs and graphics, for placement on large screens and iPads

Centocor Ortho Biotech Inc.
Project Manager of Application Development
Developed a smart interactive slide presentation application in the Flex IDE to remove the arduous task of speakers having to hand select individual powerpoint slides for every single presentation
Built application using Flex and the Robotlegs pure AS3 micro-architecture framework
Managed two (3) other team members -designer, developer, qa tester – in keeping project on strict timeline and meeting all developmental milestones (team members were local and remote)
Communicated user interface requirements to team members.
Conducted full-scale user experience UX testing and quality assurance tests for cross platform optimal performance
Built proof of concept (POF) to show client that special deployment stipulations could be met
Consulted and made recommendations on execution methods
Managed client expectations with timeline, daily development updates and weekly live or virtual demos

Medical Knowledge Group –through DraftFCB –for Boehringr Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals
Flash Animator – Application Developer
(December 2010 – January 2011)
Developed & animated touch screen tablet (iPad, tablet PCs) panels/pages for pharmaceutical drug sales
Utilizing a custom MVC framework, Greensock and SFX for Skura APIs in the Actionscript 3.0 language
SVN command-line subversion
High attention to detail and QA/QC to insure a rich-client interface and unique UX

Vogel Farina a Grey Healthcare Company of WPP –for Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Flash Application Developer
Developed Flash Kiosk applications for use at Medical/Pharmaceutical conventions using ActionScript 3.0
Developed a learning concentration game/activity used to raise awareness of the “The Path to a CML” cure.

Flash Developer / Designer
Assisted with asset layout & development of holiday 2010 E-Commerce website
Prepared images for external load at runtime along with button rollovers and vector graphics
Worked with in the Gaia and Greensock framework

DynamicLogic a Milward Brown Company of WPP
Flash Developer/ Designer
(2010 – 2011)
Plan, manage and producing a Flash client dynamic survey creation engine, using ActionScript 3.0, ECMAScript, XML, PHP and JavaScript
Building a dynamic loading Flash UI survey capable of processing multiple question types at runtime for various clients collecting millions of clicks in user survey data daily
Building outward speaking SWFs to collect Videolytics from Flash Video Players with in video/banner Flash survey Uis
Designed and developed reusable components

The Creative Group
Optical Society of America
Web Developer
Provide fast paced Web Desk technical assistance using Track-it Software for work orders
Create brand new HTML and ASPX web pages for immediate update on multiple live sites
Update and troubleshoot existing pages for errors in code, copy and links
Multitask updating and migrating current site information to new site while maintaining other live sites

Marcom Group
Interactive Multimedia Designer / AS3 Programmer
Client: (Air Force Civilian Service Recruitment Kiosk and Website)
Populated and AS3 coded an interactive touch screen enabled recruitment Kiosk Program for AFCS national touring job fair booth
Programmed and designed from the bottom up a Flash Interactive, highly stylized personality test geared toward entertaining and attracting S.T.E.M’s (Scientists, Technicians, Engineers and Mathematicians) for employment recruitment
Animated, using ActionScript 3.0, various kiosk stories designed in Illustrator, integrating sound elements, video, external SWFs and various “touch” and mouse interaction
Designed and coded location, site and navigational maps with various interactive features within the kiosk program to enhance user experience
Created and edited video and multimedia content using Final Cut Pro
Optimized Kiosk program when it was discovered to not be compatible with display computers.
Meticulously debugged, redesigned and recoded individual broken Flash programs within the overall kiosk program which consisted of 30+ story elements.
Edited and fixed broken AS3 code designed by other team members
Updated XML data for OOP AS3 includes

Battery Interactive
Actionscript 3.0 Animator
Mark. (Avon) Competition:
Animated banners & website landing pages for “Rebel Rose Costa Rica” brand and “Meg & Dia” campaigns.

Many Ads Inc.
Graphic and Flash Designer: Intern
(2008 – 2009)
Flash Site maintenance
Created multi-media branding communications: PowerPoint templates, Blog Site, Flash Website updates.
Acquired imagery designed to enhance visual appeal of corporate copy information
Understudied Sales Director, selling ad space inventory to related advertisers through CPA, CPM and CPC

Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship
Graphic/Web Designer, Flash AS3 Designer
(2007 – 2009)
Student Division “Baruch CEOs Entrepreneurs Society”
Created Ads for Published Newspapers and event flyers
Managed and updated blog site and social media site
Designed Flash website concept using Actionscript 3.0

Baruch College, CUNY/BA
CUNY, Zicklin School of Business and Weisman School
Bachelor of Science, Graphic Communication, Marketing & Management
Special Area: ActionScript 3.0, Flash, HTML 4 & 5 Web Design, CSS and JavaScript Programming and Internet Marketing



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